When I saw the above picture of Phoebe Philo (mastermind behind Céline) in Vogue last year I knew sneakers were going to become the next “thing”. Phoebe Philo radiates cool and her personal style is as studied by fashion obsessed girls as her runway shows. Originally I dismissed the whole trend because I believed that I could take no part in it. After college I started to take full advantage of the power of heels to pull-together almost any outfit and I have to admit that I became addicted to the feeling of stomping around in my Rachel Comey heeled boots.

Cut to this January when I started having extreme pain in my heels and had to start looking for more comfortable footwear. I can’t “pull off ” anything too “clunky” because it would just look foolish next to all of my feminine separates but about a week ago I finally settled on a pair of all black Nikes. I have to admit that I am kind of obsessed with them. I like how my sneakers can make an outfit look less fussy and more effortless. Below I am pictured wearing my new Nikes with some of my favorite NCJWLA finds; a Dries Van Noten top from Veteran, a leather skirt from Fairfax, a vintage leather handbag from Granville, and a Givenchy bracelet from Victory/Van Nuys.




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On Point


(image from tales of endearment)

As much as I like to pretend that I am immune to trends they do sneak up on me. For example, the other week at our Pico store I was drawn to canvas heels by the Swedish brand Cheap Monday. I slipped on the shoes and something about them felt unique and modern yet familiar and suddenly it dawned on me that they were an almost perfect copy of the pointed-toe-square-heeled shoes from the Céline A/W 12′ show. While I try to avoid “fakes” and copies I just couldn’t resist the architectural shape of the heels.


Aren’t they elegant?



The “D’Orsay” is another commonly imitated style of pointed shoes. The original design was created by LA based designer, Jenni Kayne. I spotted this satin version at our Veteran store last week. They can now be purchased online on our Ebay store.

Lastly some true originals! YSL pointed toe booties

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Keep it Simple.

With the weather being an on and off source of anguish these past few weeks, I have been steering clear of wearing anything too fussy. During the work week it is easy enough to get away with a button-up , some skinny trousers, and ballet flats but I hate to be so boring when it comes to the weekend. Instead, my weekend staple has become this slinky long black vintage dress from the British label “Ghost” that I picked up a while back from our Veteran store.  At first glance it is indeed kind of boring but upon closer inspection you can see that because it is cut from Rayon it has a thinness to it that also perfectly contours the body. The length is also super 90′s making it also very “now”.

In styling the piece I was inspired by the old Japanese magazine cut-out featured above. Don’t get me wrong, I love color and crazy but sometimes you just need to wipe the slate clean and rest your eyes on something clean and simple.

Images by Anna M. Chang

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