Irving Penn x Versace

No offense to Donatella but I feel like the Versace brand got a little murky after the untimely death of Gianni Versace. By the time I was getting into fashion, Versace was associated with “bling” and their designs were hard to differentiate from other glamorous Italian brands like Dolce & Gabbana. It has really taken this wave of vintage Versace donations we have gotten in the Ebay office to make me appreciate the work of the brands originator.

There is no other word for it . . .vintage Versace is SICK (in the best way possible). From what I have seen Gianni Versace is not afraid of being more artistic at the expense of being obviously sexy. The hems are longer than what you might expect and drape the body in a way that reminds me forcibly of contemporary Japanese fashion. Below are a few of my favorite items that have come across my desk:






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A Pearl Diver

Heavy pearls wrapped in a delicate silk skein are a trademark Lanvin piece. These romantic necklaces are usually styled discreetly, worn under netted swing dresses and sheer blouses,  a perfect example of real luxury . If it sounds like I am gushing . . .It’s because I am!

We sold two brass Lanvin necklaces a few months ago on Ebay but today . . .

 during the preparation for tomorrows sale at our Venice store I found two ultimate Lanvin pearl necklaces hanging off a clothing rack. I wish I could be nonchalant about my discovery but to be honest I am still very much freaking out.  I can not imagine why someone would abandon these dreamy ropes of pearls but now our customers have the opportunity to “adopt” them. 



Vintage Lanvin flats from Venice today

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She comes in colors


Trust me, the delay on this post is worth it.  At the Venice sale I came across a spectrum of exceptional items and finally felt inspired again. I believe that I dress with a lot of purpose but even so it is difficult for me to find a balance  the “crazy” and the “minimal”. I love a good classic monochrome outfit but I am most proud of the items in my closet that feel one of a kind. All the items I put in this post serve to make the wearer stand out. Black is classic but color is empowering.


Kelly green suede Chanel loafers


I love these Bronze Repetto boots!


Where else are you going to find a fire red Céline bucket bag in mint condition?!


I am kind of a slacker when it comes to our men’s clothing but I wish I could pull off this vintage Missoni men’s button down


This vintage Thierry Mugler suit has such a romantic vibe


I am not a fan of pastels but this piece won me over when I realized it was a playsuit


KILLER brand new (with tags) Opening Ceremony raffia dress that is now up on our ebay


This Vivienne Westwood blazer doesn’t fit the color theme but the construction is too cool to be overlooked (also now on ebay)

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