The Return

Arizona Muse by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US February 2011

A very VERY belated happy 2014 to everyone!

Because the format of our sales have changed this year from weekly sales at different locations to  “Best of the Best Everyday” I have been spending the majority of my time working on finding/listing items for the Ebay store. Now that things have settled a bit I will do my best to share what is going on at our stores as well as with our web stores.

One of my ongoing goals is to spend more time outside. It sounds simple but with most of my work being online it can be difficult to “unplug”.  Recently I have been feeling very inspired by the beauty and vastness of the California desert . The clothes featured below from our store in Van Nuys are ideal of a windswept desert weekend.




Skirt by Dries Van Noten, blouse by Equipment, vintage sweater


Bag on left by Bally and on right by Miu Miu

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During our last “Best of the Best” sale at our Victory store in Van Nuys I was reminded of the maximalism of the late 1980′s and early 1990′s. The woman responsible for popularizing the flashy, layered, look of the time is (former) Vogue super stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele. She came up with the term “salade” to describe her particular mix of high and low fashion. Her (now) iconic shoots usually featured models with watches and bracelets stacked up their arms, a look that I have noticed is creeping back into fashion.

Even though I am a minimalist at heart, the other week I found myself trying on several pieces at a time. I could not help but attempt a Carlyne style accessories pile.

pieces by Donna Karan, Givenchy, and others all from our Victory store

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Lucite jewelry is tricky. When done right it looks sculptural and modern but a lot of the time it just looks cheap. For me,  it is difficult to distinguish between the cool and the cheesy when it comes to this resin.

Lucite was first developed in the 1930′s and in it’s purest form it is translucent and resembles rock crystal.  Though Lucite can be found in many colors and even with objects encased in it, I think Lucite is most interesting when it is clear and paired down.

The earrings below are a collectors piece valued between $200-$500 from our store in Van Nuys. They are signed of course but there is  something expressive in their shape as well.


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