I can’t believe the year is ending in less than two months! Our Best of the Best sales will come to a close towards the end of December and as a result I am kind of freaking out. I have grown so accustomed to my privileged treasure hunting that it is difficult for me to imagine getting inspired anywhere else. With the exception of my favorite mass retail standby, Zara, and a handful of boutiques in LA and online I find a lot of what is in stores now boring and over-priced. I expect my desperation and need for “beauty” will cause me to double up on visits to all of our locations. My mind is whirling at the possibility of all the clothes I might miss out on!

Here are some of my favorites from the last sale at our Studio City location:


Vintage three piece Yohji Yamamoto top!


Vintage Issey Miyake for Bergdorf Goodman pleated top


Matching vintage body-con skirts by Romeo Gigli


Tops by Moschino and Alberta Ferretti


Vintage Jill Sander

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The Overall Impression

“Jewelry becomes part of the silhouette, part of the clothes, and part of the overall impression”

-Marion Vidal

In order to mentally prepare for this post I have been re-reading an article on jewelry designer and Céline collaborator, Marion Vidal. It is not that I find accessories uninteresting but there are only so many ways to write about objects without discussing their owners. In the biographic article Vidal says that the most satisfying part of being a designer is seeing her pieces appropriated and interpreted. I happen to agree that the finished product is usually more interesting than the production. In my opinion jewelry is most effective when you see it an a peer and think “ooh I want that!”.

As I am a bit behind on posts the pieces in this post are from our last sale at our Studio City location.


The necklace on the left is a signed vintage necklace from Norway made by David Anderson. That necklace as well as the enamel necklace on the right recently sold on our Ebay store. The brooch is  Finnish modernist.


Vintage Ivory



More custom hats!

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Modern Hobble

A hobble skirt was a skirt with a narrow enough hem to significantly impede the wearer’s stride. This fashion trend from around the turn of the twentieth century is most closely associated with French designer Paul Poiret, his use of draping created a top heavy silhouette. While I don’t advocate clothing that is difficult to walk in, I am a big proponent of loose tops paired with tight bottoms.

As someone who is ok with not having a six pack, this silhouette allows me to eat what I crave while still feeling slender. The loose top carefully conceals my stomach and the skinny bottom flatters my long shape. Below I am pictured wearing a Yohji Yamamoto Noir skirt that I purchased from the NCJWLA ebay store. Can you tell Mr. Yamamoto was inspired by Monsieur Poiret? Luckily my skirt has an elastic waist-band and is stretchy enough for my to walk comfortably in.




I have paired by skirt with Calvin Klein Jeans lace-ups from our Studio City store and a cashmere sweater from Uniqlo

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