Judith Leiber vs. SATC

There is this famous “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie throws a fit (of epic proportions) because Mr. Big buys her a Judith Leiber bag, which she considers an insult to her individuality. Whenever I catch that episode I almost spasm in irritation because she is being totally INSANE. Even though her accessories are  a little too Baroque for my style I still think Judith Leiber, especially vintage Judith Leiber, is rad.

While Judith Leiber is most synonymous with crystal handbags I think her belts are more collectible. Each one that I have come across feels unique and one of a kind. The ones I have featured below were not part of a single donation but came across my desk over the course of a few months. It seems more people feel the way I do than Carrie because we always manage to sell out of them within days.







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When I saw the above picture of Phoebe Philo (mastermind behind Céline) in Vogue last year I knew sneakers were going to become the next “thing”. Phoebe Philo radiates cool and her personal style is as studied by fashion obsessed girls as her runway shows. Originally I dismissed the whole trend because I believed that I could take no part in it. After college I started to take full advantage of the power of heels to pull-together almost any outfit and I have to admit that I became addicted to the feeling of stomping around in my Rachel Comey heeled boots.

Cut to this January when I started having extreme pain in my heels and had to start looking for more comfortable footwear. I can’t “pull off ” anything too “clunky” because it would just look foolish next to all of my feminine separates but about a week ago I finally settled on a pair of all black Nikes. I have to admit that I am kind of obsessed with them. I like how my sneakers can make an outfit look less fussy and more effortless. Below I am pictured wearing my new Nikes with some of my favorite NCJWLA finds; a Dries Van Noten top from Veteran, a leather skirt from Fairfax, a vintage leather handbag from Granville, and a Givenchy bracelet from Victory/Van Nuys.




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Retro Modernism

“I wanted to create a futuristic heroine who was believable in the future, but with her feet firmly planted in film noir past.”

-Michael Kaplan


The assorted pieces of vintage Thierry Mugler that we got in last week strongly remind me of the 80′s Sci-Fi classic “Blade Runner”. I love how both the futuristic film and the designer clothing are from the 80′s but are clearly inspired by the sharp tailoring of the 40′s.  The curved seams and strong shoulders are used to give the clothing and costumes a feeling of nostalgia without appearing dated.


Mugler Front Drape Dress


Mugler skirt suit jacket

Fortunately “Blade Runner” is set in Los Angeles in 2019 so you still have time to stock up for the noir future via our selection of Thierry Mugler!



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A few years ago I could not stand looking at pearl anything because it all just seemed so dated and now I am obsessively saving up for a set of double pearl earrings. I blame the perfect minimalism of Raf Simons Dior.

Images from Refinery, Dior, Decade Diary, and Satomi

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The Return

Arizona Muse by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US February 2011

A very VERY belated happy 2014 to everyone!

Because the format of our sales have changed this year from weekly sales at different locations to  “Best of the Best Everyday” I have been spending the majority of my time working on finding/listing items for the Ebay store. Now that things have settled a bit I will do my best to share what is going on at our stores as well as with our web stores.

One of my ongoing goals is to spend more time outside. It sounds simple but with most of my work being online it can be difficult to “unplug”.  Recently I have been feeling very inspired by the beauty and vastness of the California desert . The clothes featured below from our store in Van Nuys are ideal of a windswept desert weekend.




Skirt by Dries Van Noten, blouse by Equipment, vintage sweater


Bag on left by Bally and on right by Miu Miu

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