During our last “Best of the Best” sale at our Victory store in Van Nuys I was reminded of the maximalism of the late 1980′s and early 1990′s. The woman responsible for popularizing the flashy, layered, look of the time is (former) Vogue super stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele. She came up with the term “salade” to describe her particular mix of high and low fashion. Her (now) iconic shoots usually featured models with watches and bracelets stacked up their arms, a look that I have noticed is creeping back into fashion.

Even though I am a minimalist at heart, the other week I found myself trying on several pieces at a time. I could not help but attempt a Carlyne style accessories pile.

pieces by Donna Karan, Givenchy, and others all from our Victory store

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Last month the blog “Design Boom” posted an article about an ongoing exhibit in Tokyo displaying works by the famous photographer Irving Penn made in collaboration with the Japanese designer Issey Miyake. The “cross-cultural collaboration”  titled  ‘Irving Penn and Issey Miyake: Visual Dialogue’ features photographs of the designers collections as interpreted by the great photographer that span 13 years (1987 – 1999). As a fan of both creative geniuses I am excited to share some of my favorite images with you here:

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A Pearl Diver

Heavy pearls wrapped in a delicate silk skein are a trademark Lanvin piece. These romantic necklaces are usually styled discreetly, worn under netted swing dresses and sheer blouses,  a perfect example of real luxury . If it sounds like I am gushing . . .It’s because I am!

We sold two brass Lanvin necklaces a few months ago on Ebay but today . . .

 during the preparation for tomorrows sale at our Venice store I found two ultimate Lanvin pearl necklaces hanging off a clothing rack. I wish I could be nonchalant about my discovery but to be honest I am still very much freaking out.  I can not imagine why someone would abandon these dreamy ropes of pearls but now our customers have the opportunity to “adopt” them. 



Vintage Lanvin flats from Venice today

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