Modern Hobble

A hobble skirt was a skirt with a narrow enough hem to significantly impede the wearer’s stride. This fashion trend from around the turn of the twentieth century is most closely associated with French designer Paul Poiret, his use of draping created a top heavy silhouette. While I don’t advocate clothing that is difficult to walk in, I am a big proponent of loose tops paired with tight bottoms.

As someone who is ok with not having a six pack, this silhouette allows me to eat what I crave while still feeling slender. The loose top carefully conceals my stomach and the skinny bottom flatters my long shape. Below I am pictured wearing a Yohji Yamamoto Noir skirt that I purchased from the NCJWLA ebay store. Can you tell Mr. Yamamoto was inspired by Monsieur Poiret? Luckily my skirt has an elastic waist-band and is stretchy enough for my to walk comfortably in.




I have paired by skirt with Calvin Klein Jeans lace-ups from our Studio City store and a cashmere sweater from Uniqlo

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Lucite jewelry is tricky. When done right it looks sculptural and modern but a lot of the time it just looks cheap. For me,  it is difficult to distinguish between the cool and the cheesy when it comes to this resin.

Lucite was first developed in the 1930′s and in it’s purest form it is translucent and resembles rock crystal.  Though Lucite can be found in many colors and even with objects encased in it, I think Lucite is most interesting when it is clear and paired down.

The earrings below are a collectors piece valued between $200-$500 from our store in Van Nuys. They are signed of course but there is  something expressive in their shape as well.


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Playing Dress Up

Some outfit suggestions featuring clothes from our Fairfax location:


A long vintage shirt dress combined with Prada sandals for a warm afternoon outing.


80′s vintage bow dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels for a dinner date. Just missing a simple clutch.


What I like to call a “lazy day”outfit: Vintage jersey dress, knit sweater, and heels (to be cozy but not look sloppy).

Extra Accessories


A backpack by Coach


Ethnic inspired slippers by Dries Van Noten and Bottega Venneta

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She comes in colors


Trust me, the delay on this post is worth it.  At the Venice sale I came across a spectrum of exceptional items and finally felt inspired again. I believe that I dress with a lot of purpose but even so it is difficult for me to find a balance  the “crazy” and the “minimal”. I love a good classic monochrome outfit but I am most proud of the items in my closet that feel one of a kind. All the items I put in this post serve to make the wearer stand out. Black is classic but color is empowering.


Kelly green suede Chanel loafers


I love these Bronze Repetto boots!


Where else are you going to find a fire red Céline bucket bag in mint condition?!


I am kind of a slacker when it comes to our men’s clothing but I wish I could pull off this vintage Missoni men’s button down


This vintage Thierry Mugler suit has such a romantic vibe


I am not a fan of pastels but this piece won me over when I realized it was a playsuit


KILLER brand new (with tags) Opening Ceremony raffia dress that is now up on our ebay


This Vivienne Westwood blazer doesn’t fit the color theme but the construction is too cool to be overlooked (also now on ebay)

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