vintage Armani flats

 Today I attended a photography exhibit that got me thinking about the role of narrative in fashion. Ultimately fashion photography, no matter how artistic,  is intended to sell clothes.  I have trouble coming up with new ways to discuss  the clothes I come across on a weekly basis so you can imagine my awe of photographers who can convey an original story in a single image.

The shoes at this weeks sale at Granville got me to  thinking about the photographer Guy Bourdin and his shoe campaigns for Charles Jourdan between 1967-1981. His interpretations are famous and known for being mysterious and provocative. A  standard of just how much you can say about a pair of shoes.

two pairs of similar leather vintage lace-ups

Marc Jacobs collection maryjanes

Chloe slingbacks

Manolo sandals



Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan:

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Ana Kras for Vogue Germany October 2012 | Lina Scheynius

I feel like “bucket bags” are the one piece of  80′s revival that I find agreeable. Conventional bags force you to be selective about what you carry around but not the bucket-bag! Personally I have a habit of throwing in notebooks and cameras and books and the only bag besides a backpack that would allow me to do this is the bucket bag. The bag is named after it’s shape, the bucket, making it an easy receptacle for dumping organizers, wallets, makeup, water, books, and everything else.



There is some inexpressible feeling that comes with a bag that’s been gently worn into a soft buttery condition. A bag that has perhaps traveled farther than you already but still has another lifetime of adventures in it. This week at the Canoga Park store I found a gently loved vintage Gucci bucket bag that felt just right. I didn’t even know Gucci made bucket bags!

Modern Versions:

by Baggu

by Mansur Gavriel

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Recap: “The White Whale”


To borrow an idea from a film; “You know how there serial killers, and then there’s Hannibal Lecter?”. Well there are “Best of the Best” sales and then there is the “Best of the Best” sale at the Veteran store. The most highly anticipated sale of the cycle, Veteran always draws a huge crowd and for good reason. The last sale at Veteran followed a vacation which gave the store time to save up a large volume of pieces. This time around there were fewer racks but the high quality of goods that the store is known for was definitely there.


Lanvin clothing always makes me nervous. It is known for being deconstructed and fragile, and of course being the clumsy girl that I am I can just picture myself poking holes through something as delicate as this sleeveless cashmere top.



I believe that the skirt sold in-store already but the top will be available soon on Ebay.


This Armani top and vintage vest would have fit perfectly in the other weeks post on Gatsby style embellishments.


A double-sided shift from Marni.


My personal favorite is this superhero worthy print and lace mini dress from Dolce & Gabbana.


Me trying on a silky camel colored blazer by Stella Mccartney .


These Maud Frizon creeper slip-on’s remind me of the Carven x Robert Clergerie shoes that I have been stalking on the internet.

Until next time!

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So I feel like there is this running propaganda about women not being able to control themselves around beautiful shoes. Although I have been known to have emotional responses to beautiful clothing in the past, I feel like the cult of designer shoes is a slightly over-hyped styling tool. The truth is when your closet feels repetitive and you are just about ready to throw everything out a new pair of shoes (or a purse) can make all the difference. Heels can dress up an otherwise “frumpy” outfit and it’s easy to look like a million bucks when you are wearing expensive shoes even if the rest of your outfit came from some place generic and you have already worn it a hundred times before. Let’s face it it’s a lot easier to invest in a pair of shoes than to buy a whole new inspiring wardrobe.

I wanted to preface this post with my opinion on shoe culture because obviously it features a lot of pictures of one pair of shoes. I definitely had some feelings about these shoes. Dries Van Noten clothing and accessories are illusive and so finding a pair of his textile inspired heels at our Studio City store/sale this weekend made me kind of giddy. Fortunately for you these shoes will soon be available on our ebay. In the mean time another pair of Dries heels just went up (they are also not in my size . . .)!


To pair with:


Don’t forget! Next week is our biggest “Best of the Best” at our location on Veteran and Santa Monica.

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