Sometimes this blog is merely a reminder that my tastes, like most peoples, are fairly predictable. I am drawn to variations of things I previously owned or coveted. I’m not sure if this means I have a set style or am just boring. The shoes pictured above are a perfect example of something I was drawn to because it reminded me of something else. The first picture is of a pair of too cute/too small slingbacks from this weeks Pico sale and I was drawn to them because they remind me of the Rachel Comey Feint slingbacks from her Winter 12′ collection. Can you see the resemblance?

Example B:


Red high cut heels by Robert Clergerie


Robert Clergerie heel on my left foot  and my own  high-cut Martiniano flat on the right . . .



I am super jealous of girls who can pull off the whole vintage-inspired-bustier-top+ high waisted skirt look. My torso is much too long for me  to attempt this lovely pairing.


It’s a shame I couldn’t capture the softness of the faded silk Max Mara tee featured above. An ideal staple for anyone’s wardrobe.


This over-sized Marni sweater + sandal look is meant for outdoor Summer concerts. Again I wish I could convey how soft this sweater is in real life.

Reminder: Tomorrow’s sale is at our Pico location!

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So it’s pretty widespread news that we (California residents) are midway through Coachella. I am not going to talk about how at 24 I feel way too old to put my body and my brain cells (not to mention my wallet) through that ever again. However, I must admit that I am hugely adversed to the idea of “festival fashion”. I recently read somewhere that celebrities have begun using stylists for Coachella which to me sounds completely INSANE. I looked through a few Coachella style slideshows on various blogs and I felt my eyes rolling back into my skull as I looked at picture after picture of offensive Native American style clothing and accessories, cut offs that even Britney Spears wouldn’t be caught dead in, and neo-hippy garb.

Anyway as a refresher for my eyes and possibly yours I would like to share some simple and beautiful pieces from last weekends sale at the Granville store. Ahh simplicity!


I am obsessed with the metallic  clasp on this vintage bag. Though the stitching is machine made (making it less valuable) I think it’s a lovely inspiration piece.

(Pictured with my brass Dream Collective Ring)

A Beautiful Linen Jacket by Yohji Yamamoto


Vanessa Bruno Tee


Issey Miyake trousers


Prada Pajama top


Issey Miyake coat


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Shoe Trends

I’m going to be honest and admit that the trip to Canoga Park is not an easy one even for the most committed thrift shopper. If you do manage to make the drive out and are not offended by the heat then you can definitely come across a few choice finds. At this past weeks sale I noticed that there were a few shoe styles out reminiscent of what I have been seeing in boutiques.

First off these patent Marni platforms. Marni consistently puts out great platforms but this style in particular reminds me of the  highly coveted Spring 13′ Rachel Comey wedge clogs.

Two of my friends are proud owners of Marni platforms

I hate to be the millionth person to mention it but for better or worse (mostly for worse) the 90′s are back in a big way. This includes Spice Girls era platform sneakers. The twin to this pair of these shoes is literally available at Opening Ceremony right now but why bother spending so much on a trend when you can shop with us?!

shitkickI am always for a good pair of leather ankle boots. They remind of director John Waters. In his book “Role Models” he calls pointy pre-punk era boots “shit-kickers”.


Finally I LOVE these Chloe flats. I actually own a pair from a Best of the Best sale a few years back.

Next week Granville!

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I have been a fan of NYC based boutique, No.6 for a while now. The Nolita based  boutique is an eclectic mix of high end vintage and new avant-garde designer clothing. Though I have only visited the brick and mortar store once I like to check out their site regularly for styling inspiration. As it happens No.6 is not just a store but also a brand founded by a stylist and a vintage collector, they started out with a collection of clog boots and then grew to create their own line of printed, vintage inspired, clothing.

I am pictured here wearing one of their bat-winged silk dresses from the Fall 12′ (?) collection.  As you can see the print is based on a vintage design while the cut  is modernized. I had been wavering on buying one of their silk pieces for a while but due to uncertainties concerning the fit and the price but luckily Council Thrift saved me from making a large dent in my wallet.



I am pictured wearing a No.6 silk dress I recently purchased from our Veteran store with my own Rachel Comey boots and 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. The jewelry is my own mix from Dream Collective and Catbird.

Photographed by Anna. M Chang

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Pajama Party!

I am a big fan of “fashion pajamas”. One part high fashion, one part laziness, these printed silk (usually super expensive) pieces look amazing when paired with heels and lipstick. Though I can’t bring myself to walk out the door in a full pajama set I have been collecting some crazy printed pants over the past year or so. The Gaultier jacket pictured below is my first encounter with a “pajama blazer”. I think it is pretty special because it combines the austerity of a blazer with the luxury of a silk top. I would love to see this contrasting bronze/grey piece worn with skinny black jeans, heels, and a bit of lipstick! This jacket was listed on our ebay site recently and was quickly snatched up by some lucky so and so. I hope it’s new owner is as enthralled with it as I was.


Printed “Fashion Pajama” looks from Louis Vuitton, Celine, and Creatures of Comfort:

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