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“Box Bags” are one of those revived and re-interpreted items that kind of sneak up on you. I can’t remember when they first came into fashion, when exactly they came back, or when I started wanting one . . .all I know is that I want one. Officially the designer most credited with bringing the shape back is Phoebe Philo of Céline, who resurrected the piece from the Céline archives. Of course Phoebe Philo, minimalist queen and girl-crush extraordinaire would make something so simple and so in-demand. Brands like Proenza Schouler  have created their own versions but I am especially partial to this vintage Gucci version from our Veteran store. This pebbled burgundy beauty is the ultimate blast from the past.



Vintage Gucci vs. modern Céline

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Last weeks sale was ideal for contemporary bargain hunters. To me it looked as though someone bought a bunch of clothing from Barney’s and then changed their minds and decided to donate everything instead. So shoppers at the Veteran sale were able to indulge in the latest trends without sacrificing quality. A lot of the clothing was brand new, still bearing original tags, and indigenous to high end boutiques. There was so much going on that I felt that these designer boards would be the best way to give you a  glimpse at the goodies.



(I love a “fashion” pajama pant!)


marniHow unbelievable is this selection?!

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Shine On


Last year I spent a day working as a wardrobe assistant on a video shoot for an LA based fashion label. The clothing was modeled by a musician and she was asked to bring in her own accessories to personalize the looks. I was so impressed by her collection of costume jewelry that I have not been able to get it out of my brain. Last week while checking out similarly vibrant jewelry at the Veteran store I was fortunate to spot a signed necklace and earring set from the 1950′s. Even though I believe minimal jewelry suits me better I can still dream about ornate pieces such as these. If you are a bold-jewelry-wearer be sure to look for this set coming up on our ebay!

Some of the pieces from the shoot I worked on

veteran5Detailing on the beautiful Veteran necklace

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Black Magic Woman


Is there anything chicer than a witch? Those long flowing, tailored, black gowns are finally getting some recognition!  Over time witches have been the subject of collections by Marc Jacobs , Luella , Comme des Garcons , and many others. This week I would like to share with you some items from our Fairfax store that have that witchy appeal.

I was inspired by these images of Ali Michael photographed by Yelena Yemchuk for Lula Magazine #7


Two long dresses by Alexander Wang. The dress on the left is an asymmetrical clingy knit while the one on the right features a complicated back drape.


Detailing on a supple leather jacket.


The pleating on this vintage Japanese dress is my favorite. I really wish it wasn’t a size large.

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Hardly Hardy


Happy Friday! It’s been around three months since I have had a chance to do an “outfit post”. Not only do I dislike being photographed (a rarity even amongst part-time bloggers) but I don’t really trust anyone except for Anna to take photos when I can’t. That said, I know the importance of seeing what clothing looks like on a real person so here I am pictured wearing clothes from our store in Van Nuys paired with my own  A Détacher heels. The dress is vintage Hardy Amies and the crazy Courrèges inspired cardigan is no-name vintage.




Later on today I will rehash last weeks sale at the Fairfax store. I hope some of you got to see the windows I designed especially for the sale!

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