A Certain Kind of Girl



I love shift dresses. Characterized mainly by their length and an undefined waist-line they have been a fashion staple since the 60′s. Even though they are mostly shapeless there is just something kind of irresistible about a shift dress. A shift that hits right above the knee and just so at the bust needs to be paired with bright tights or knee highs. I don’t think that it is possible to go wrong with either of the versions featured above (especially) when paired with the Maud Frizon mary-janes.

Inspired by:

A still from Who Are You, Polly Maggoo

The Like

Alexa Chung


P.S Now that I have Margiela on my mind I feel like I am seeing it everywhere . . .coincidence?

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Merchandizing and styling come from the necessity of putting clothing in a context. It’s interesting to observe how stores put clothing out because it is a not just an act but a process. How to hang and arrange things so that they might best sell (without going on-sale). Brands hire stylists to work on look-books ( a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line), so that the clothing put together conveys a singular idea or season.

When I choose what clothes to shoot each week I have to consider what I would pair each piece with and how I would wear it. Thinking this way often makes helps me justify purchases in my own day to day life. In other words “The art of our necessities is strange, That can make vile things precious” (King Lear).

My outfit choice is featured below:




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Preview in Real Time

Super Vintage/Super Confusing Comme des Garcons top/cover

Despite my best intentions I have found it very difficult to make this blog a preview of the current weeks sale. More often than not my posts are reflections and sometimes evaluations made right before the following weeks sale. However my shooting and editing  this week was so efficient that I am able to fight my distracted nature and give you readers a real glimpse as to what you can expect if you brave the cold and make it to the Granville store tomorrow.

My personal picks are on the minimal and conceptual side like the Comme des Garcons top featured above. It escaped by attention at first and then when I held it up all I could think about was the crazy genius that put together something so cool yet so unexplainable.

A strapless print dress by Marni

Sleeveless Shift Dress by Margiela

Strappy Monolo Blahniks

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Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra showroom photographed by me

Raquel Allegra can be a polarizing contemporary designer. Her clothing is reconstructed and built on the idea of beauty found in blemishes. She is best known for her “shredded” shirts and dresses, handmade in Los Angeles, featuring draped and distressed panels. While some of my friends think her pieces resemble very expensive rags others admire their delicate details and enjoy layering them. Personally most of her clothing doesn’t really fit in with my sensibilities (her style is a bit more “rock & roll” than mine) but I love the delicacy of this Raquel Allegra tank I found at the Veteran store.

This tank features a thin silk racer back, asymmetrical hem,  and a shredded front. I love that the shredded front panel resembles a delicate chain necklace. When I tried it on I realized there was no way I could wear it out without layering it with something else. The trouble with a lot of Raquel Allegra clothing is that it is meant to be layered and the high retail prices make buy several pieces at once a huge commitment. Fortunately there is a very good chance you might get lucky and find something of hers in one of our stores.

Raquel Allegra dress at Totokaelo

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Provacative Conservative

“A woman has to be intelligent, have charm, a sense of humor, and be kind. It’s the same qualities I require from a man.”
― Catherine Deneuve

This past week at the Canoga Park store my choices were inspired by Catherine Deneuve as captured by Helmut Newton. I feel like “La Deneuve” has been an elder stateswoman of cinema for a decade or two now but even when dressed in conservative clothing she still evokes  sex appeal. A prime example of the power of personality to bring something special to an outfit. The portrait in my collage is from a 1983 sitting, a few decades after Deneuve’s fresh faced debut, she is dressed in a simple short sleeved red sweater and midi red plaid skirt, but the clothes only serve to enhance a power that only comes with age and confidence.

You can recreate “the look” with a Celine knit short sleeved sweater, vintage pencil skirt or sailor trousers, and a Rodo purse. All the items features are from the Canoga Park store.

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