The Keith Haring Button Up

I fell in love with this button-up from the Canoga Park store because it instantly reminded me of the cheerful work of 80′s artist/activist Keith Haring. I would love to see it styled as a shirt dress!

Untitled – Keith Haring, 1982.

American Street Art/Graffiti – Ink and acrylic on paper, 182 x 290 cm.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga

If you have tried to access this blog in the past week or so you may have been greeted by a threatening label. Unfortunately our entire site was hacked and it’s taken us a bit to go live again. The upside of this whole episode is I return to you with a glimpse of a genuine work of art! This past weekend at the Veteran sale I was fortunate to shoot some pictures of this Cristóbal Balenciaga coat before it sold. Balenciaga was a master couturier from Spain known for his tailoring and ” bubble shaped” clothing. The first Balenciaga boutique opened in 1918. This is a museum quality piece that had the address of the Balenciaga studio on it’s label!




(Kicking myself that in all the excitement most of the images of the coat came out blurry)

This very similar evening coat from 1955 is exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Mr. Balenciaga via Mr. Porter

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Don’t You Forget About Me

Hello again everyone! No joke, last week brought out my worst most disorganized self. I know it’s poor taste to make excuses but between the crazy Marni x H&M and my birthday (!!) I could not compose a coherent sentence. Most of the Pico store finds were scooped up early on but here is a quick peak for you while i gear up for tomorrows sale at Canoga Park!


Crazy Pom Pom Hat with vintage Halston shoes


amazing vintage textured skirt followed by a Dolce and Gabbana patterned skirt


I like the idea of those skirts with either of these bags for a look that’s heavy in 70′s Italiana


Vintage YSL Rive Gauche! MY FAVORITE.


This vintage Ferragamo is waiting for a second wind (or a leather job)


Catch you at Canoga Park!

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A co-worker at this weeks sale at the Fairfax store told me that this Easter egg colored vintage Dior dress reminded them of the character of Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”. While I agree that this dress is the epitome of “lovely” it reminds me more of another dream girl, namely sixties ultra waif/model Twiggy! I love the contrast lining of this dress, the length, the color. . .I love it.

How cute would it be paired with this vintage handbag?!


My weekly contribution to the crazy hat blog:




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