A buyer once told me something very interesting: “Sometimes people just need to be shown things”. What she meant was that context and editing are essential in picking clothing appropriate for a store. Vintage Buyers are no exception to this practice, each has a different customer in mind and a different story they are trying to tell with their selections. I frequently collaborate with the buyers that visit our stores but each week I end up kicking myself for not yet developing a more trained eye.


These pants were in the regular section of the Van Nuys store and they couldn’t be more perfect for this years pajama pant trend. They remind me of my favorite pair of printed silk pajama pants that A.P.C put out this past Fall/Winter.

On sale for $120 at Creatures of Comfort OR under 20 dollars at our stores



to wear with




Other favorites:






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Lucy and Ethel


Every few weeks I think about  transferring all of my energies into creating/running a crazy vintage hat blog. The topic comes up when friends see pictures of the velvet,netted, bedazzled, and personalized hats that come through our thrift stores. Having hats custom made was just a popular yet common place occurrence up until . . maybe the 50′s. Though I am not someone who can easily incorporate hats into daily usage I have a great respect for the design and individuality of pieces such as these. This weeks haul for some reason makes me nostalgic for episodes of “I Love Lucy”.




Speaking of hats . . .We have the incredible box set of “Girl Group Sounds” from Rhino Records! I own this 4 disk set (minus the hat box packaging featured above) and it is the best! ” From soul and garage to Brill Building pop and countrypolitan, every possible girl group style is represented on these four discs, which gather 120 remastered tracks from 107 artists—The Supremes, The Ronettes, Dusty Springfield, Carole King, Petula Clark, plus a slew of artists less known but every bit as vital. Landmark packaging replicates a mod-style hat box and includes a diary-style booklet with essays, rare photos, track notes, and artist quotes.”

A sampling:



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Sticks and Stones


Jewelry  trends that I am inspired by: Native American jewelry, costume jewelry, coral, turquoise, cooper, and cut outs. I love pieces that looks like they have been “passed down”or inherited. Even though I am a proponent of the age old tradition of “taking one thing off before setting foot out the door” I think it’s totally possible to have a balance of jewelry without looking like a rap star. I have to admit these pieces from tomorrows sale at Van Nuys are the most exciting I have seen in a while!





I am always on the look out for this Dior Fine Jewelry ring they put out a few years back. SO PERFECT. IT HAUNTS ME!

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Qui êtes-vous

After feeling uninspired for quite some time I decided to “runaway from home” last week. I hope everyone enjoyed the sale at Granville because I did not have the opportunity to cover it. This week I got back a dress from the cleaners I forgot that I purchased (does that ever happen to anyone else?!) and felt a strong need to emulate the “Polly Maggoo-ness” of it. Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? is a french film from the 60′s (of course!) that chronicles the life of an iconic looking 20 year old model. The film is pitch perfect probably because it was directed by Vogue photographer William Klein.

Check out a great review of the film here!

Sonia Rykiel Sweater Dress (from the Veteran store) , Madewell Coat, Vintage Shoes (from the Veteran store), and a Hortense “By Myself” Necklace.

photos by Anna M. Chang

Please be sure to check out tomorrows sale at the Venice store!

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Statement Knits

One of my more enduring obsessions is with Atlanta based, knitter/magician Yokoo. Not only do we share a fondness for austere haircuts but Yokoo makes these amazing hand-knit accessories (scarves, bows, bags, etc etc) and sells them through her  Etsy shop. Once word got out about her craftiness she was able to quit her day job and now knits for 8-9 hours a day (source)!! This vintage Escada cardigan made me think of Yokoo because it’s the perfect arrangement of patterns, shapes, and buttons. It’s Definitely a little on the bulky side but that’s OK for such a statement piece.


the red seems to vibrate! i think the combination of texture and brightness make it difficult to really capture.

Yokoo’s Snow Leopard Scarf

The Circumpolar hat

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