Made in England


When nicely made clothing comes in with the tags cut out it means the previous owner was . . .a lady of leisure. Some women  claim tags scratch the skin or itch . . . which makes sense but ultimately turns a strangely cut dress into a huge mystery for us at the stores. All we know about this dress it is a viscose and silk blend made in England. One person guessed that it was Ghost another claimed Temperley if anyone knows for sure please let me know!


Though it may not look like it climbing in and out of this dress is absurdly complicated.


I am so in love with the side detailing!

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Art Deco Dream Dress


A buyer drew this vintage Caché dress to my attention. It’s the perfect piece for a lady with class lady and a Kim Kardashian figure (there is a daring slit up one side!).


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New Years Dressing

Lets face it. Once you have a date and a dress the prospect of New Years Eve turns from stressful to enjoyable. My date of choice: My best friend. My dress of choice: The “Celestial ” by Wren. New Years parties are about looking glittery and having enough fun that the impending year seems like a breeze.


I found this dress at the Venice store before it was scooped up by a buyer. To me it is the epitome of New Years Eve: GOLD. PLEATS. A FULL SKIRT. This is the kind of dress that you end the night in dancing barefoot!


Can you believe it is vintage Fredriks of Hollywood?!



my own dress by Wren paired with some Robert Clergerie heels from the Veteran store

new years

P.S Be sure to check out my favorite film about New Years:


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Happy Hanukkah!


doesn’t this beautiful gold bracelet resemble Hannukah gelt?!

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My friends like to tease me about this vintage Forecaster of Boston cape but I don’t mind. I think there is something very modern about dressing like a “wizard”. The idea of “wizard wear” was first introduced to me by an employer that used it to describe Japanese inspired lounge wear, I think dressing like a wizard is all about being comfortable while looking conceptual.



if you rummage around the Pico store you too can find a wizard ready cape!

rachel comey

paired with my favorite Rachel Comey sweater dress from the Granville store

Two “safer” coat options:


Venice store


Inspired by “Restless”

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